What We Do


The Applied Computer Solutions (ACS) Professional Services organization encompasses all core practice areas critical to the success of your business. Our Professional Services team is made up of top industry professionals who have the highest certifications, plus extensive industry experience as MIS professionals in large environments. They have an average of over 14 years experience in the industry and have faced the same kinds of enterprise dilemmas you are encountering. Utilizing our proven methodology, our technologists proficiently assess your needs to design a system that provides you maximum results—both technologically and financially.

Building upon industry best practices and our proven methodology, ACS Professional Services provides the experience and expertise to design and deliver premier solutions. By evaluating the existing environment as distinct components and as a whole, we are able to determine optimal solutions that deliver value and enhance the overall enterprise infrastructure.

The breadth and depth of skills our technicians possess are immense. We carefully match skill sets based on your specific needs to ensure projects are completed on time and on budget. With specialized certifications in a multitude of product lines, you can be assured you are getting the right professional for your environment. As your Trusted Advisor, we are always there if you need us.

Technical Support

At ACS, we understand that your enterprise infrastructure is the core of everything you do and that all individual components must fit together to achieve optimal results. That is why we have focused practice areas specifically designed around the critical technologies impacting your business: Systems, Storage, Security, Networking, and Systems Management. The dedicated engineers for each practice area are experts in their field, focusing on knowing the latest technology and solutions to address any concerns you are facing. Our dedicated resources have the in-depth knowledge and expertise to examine particular issues and how they impact the entire technology landscape. No matter what challenges you are facing, ACS can mobilize the right people, skills, and technologies to create a solution specifically designed for your needs.

During each engagement, we follow a proven methodology with inherent efficiencies built into each stage. This provides for a smooth transition and cost-effective bottom line. Regardless of the engagement, whether a simple integration or a large, full-scale deployment–our experts collaborate with you at every stage to ensure success.

Systems Integration

Whether integrating a solution — or several — into your current technology environment, or integrating your custom solution in our own testing environment, at ACS we have the proven experience to know which technologies work best together and which don’t. This will save you countless hours, headaches and costly downtime.

For large-scale integration projects with complex requirements, we have the unique capabilities to build your integrated solution in our state-of-the-art testing lab. This allows us to test each stage of the integration without disrupting your operations or taking up your valuable data center space. We’ll make sure your integrated systems work before they go live in your environment. Which means you’ll get a customized solution built to meet your specific needs, and to perform when, where and how you need it to.

Quality Assurance

Continual review and improvement to our processes and procedures allow for operational best practice to achieve our service goals.

We integrate internal training into our continual improvement program focusing on product knowledge, customer service, and skills to uphold our value add to our clients.

We set quarterly internal goals to achieve as a team. We communicate with our team member during meetings to discuss projects, product updates and operational practices.

Each project beginning with configuration and quoting through the ordering process is reviewed and monitored at various stages to ensure accuracy. Our processes are streamlined; and consistently provide efficient service and desired end results. We have created a solid foundation with our processes which result in quality service to our clients, we strive to exceed customer expectation with each project.

Order Processing

Our order processing begins with accurately planned configuration and education of the projects planned outcome. Once the final configuration of a system or upgrade is determined we are ready to move forward with order processing. We maintain our goal to process each order within 24 hours of receipt. Our team is detail oriented and consistent to accurately process each order in a timely manner. We work with top OEM master distributors. We set the expectation of product availability to our clients during the quoting stages and continue to monitor and update our end users with the most current information. Additional project information such as tracking numbers, proof of delivery, installation reference numbers are provided in real time through ACS Direct.

Customer Service

Our team strives to provide consistent service in all aspects of our service. Time and again our team members receive compliments of extraordinary service provided.

Our management team plans internal training and skill development to motivate and encourage the best from our team members. Our internal goals to exceed customer expectation include timely responses, good listening, positive attitudes and never ending effort to get the project done right.